Special Events Permits

There are many types of special events. They include parades and processions, races and tours, rest-area coffee breaks, and placement of banners and decorations.

To use state-highway right of way for a special event, you must make arrangements to accommodate the traveling public, and you must obtain insurance to protect the state from the additional liability imposed by using the highway for the event.

Accommodating travelers often calls for extensive traffic control. You must contract with a qualified traffic-control company that will design a plan for placement of signs and other devices to direct drivers through the area safely.

General liability insurance in the amount of $1 million must name the state of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Transportation as additional insured parties. Provide evidence of this insurance when submitting the special-event permit application. This requirement may be waived only if the event will pose no additional liability to the state.

Submit an application for a special event to the respective ADOT district’s permit office 60 days prior to the scheduled event.