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From the Archives: Winter weather
We found a photograph in our archives that's an excellent throwback/reminder for travelers who are facing the winter storm.
From the ADOT Archives: Traffic
If you happened to be driving I-17 near McDowell Road on March 20, 1973, you might spot yourself in this photo.
From the ADOT Archives: Weatherometer
Today's "From the ADOT Archives" post showcases a piece of equipment used decades ago.
From the Archives: Smooth Roads
Smooth roads are a top ADOT priority and they have been for some time, even back in 1968 when these photos were taken…
From the Archives: US 89
Arizona Transportation History reports gives a look at the history of US 89.
From the Archives: ADOT's logo
If you traveled in time, back to 1974, this logo is the one you’d see representing the Arizona Department of Transportation.'s-logo
From the Archives: Mapping in the '70s
Advances in mapping and cartography parallel those in technology.'70s
From the Archives: Traffic School
Take a look back at what traffic school was like in 1973.
From the Archives: The science of transportation
Highway construction isn’t just big machinery, heavy-duty vehicles and materials by the ton. There’s a lot of work that happens off project sites and inside a lab.
From the Archives: Photogrammetry and Surveying
ADOT has been constructing roads in Arizona for a long time, but technology and methods sure have changed along the way. Want some proof? Just look at these photographs!
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