South Central Projects

Interstate 10 from Ruthrauff Road to Prince Road Widening

Information for Project-Area Businesses

The Arizona Department of Transportation provides focused attention to business needs, questions, concerns and suggestions through its business outreach program.

The business outreach program supports businesses in the project area along I-10 and near the Prince Road, Miracle Mile and Ruthrauff Road TIs and along Prince Road between I-10 and Flowing Wells Road by

  • providing timely and critical project information.
  • suggesting ways businesses can use project information to manage their business operations and communicate with their employees and customers about the project.
  • developing relationships and partnering with business owners, managers and employees to convey their suggestions, needs and concerns to the project team.
  • advocating for business needs and requests with other government agencies or offices related to the project
  • increasing positive awareness of project-area businesses with the public and media.
  • facilitating business-to-business relationships to create a stronger business community in the project area.
Tips for Businesses

Begin reviewing your business and financial needs now. Develop an operations, marketing and communications plan for your business based on ADOT's current project information. Check this project page on a monthly basis for project updates.

Add your email address to the project email list for important updates by providing it to the project team contacts listed below.

When final traffic-flow maps are available, hold meetings with employees to review routes and develop talking points for customers.

Talk with employees now about the project and what to say about this project, as well as what communication to avoid with customers.

What to Say About the Project

Please note that construction sequencing, traffic control, closures and traffic-flow maps are subject to change.

Keep the end project benefits front and center, especially the improvements to traffic congestion at I-10 and Prince Road and the Union Pacific Railroad double tracking and increasing train traffic through Tucson.

Be realistic and positive about the impacts the project will have.

Scheduled to be completed in spring 2014, the project will be completed in two major phases, with construction primarily on the west side of I-10 in the first phase and construction on the east side of I-10 in the second phase. In this way, one side of I-10 will experience significantly fewer impediments in the phase that concentrates on the other side.

Construction will not affect the vast majority of business access points. In the cases where it does, businesses have been working with the ADOT project team in preparation.

Access will be maintained to all businesses during construction, even those with direct impacts.

Three lanes of I-10 traffic in each direction will be maintained during construction.

Alternate routes like Miracle Mile and Ruthrauff Road at I-10 on-ramps and off-ramps will be open and available for motorists to use for the duration of the project.

Prince Road will remain open on the east side of I-10.

Communication to Avoid

Please do not use negative comments or express your fears in front of employees or customers.

Please do not perpetuate rumors and inaccurate information. Get your information from official ADOT sources. Refer customers to the project website (i.e., right here).

Please avoid sympathizing with employees or customers: "Oh, yes. The traffic is terrible!" Instead, empathize and offer to help:"I'm sorry you're frustrated. Let me help by telling you the easiest way to get here."

Communication Suggestions

Actively communicate your suggestions and ideas with the project team by emailing or calling the business and public outreach team.

Get to know your neighboring businesses. Support each other and share ideas that are working well for your business.

Partner with the ADOT project team and contractor by being the eyes and ears in the field. Business input is vital to a successful project for all.

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