Far West Projects

U.S. Route 95, Fortuna Wash Bridge

ADOT is looking at improving capacity and safety along US 95 between Fortuna and Aberdeen roads. The project is being constructed in phases, with the first phase being the construction of the Fortuna Wash bridge. Planned improvements include constructing a new bridge over the Fortuna Wash and associated roadway and drainage improvements. This new bridge would provide flood mitigation and other roadway improvements that will allow for better control of flood waters and stormwater mitigation. The total estimated project cost for the bridge is $15 million.

As the primary north/south corridor between Yuma and Interstate 10, US 95 provides access for daily commuters to the Yuma Proving Ground as well as a high volume of recreational traffic to Martinez Lake. This route also functions as a trade corridor for commerce between Mexico and the United States.

During the winter months, traffic increases along this route due to seasonal visitors and agricultural workers, making it necessary to increase capacity and improve operations.

Construction on the first phase of the project, which is the bridge, is anticipated in early 2016.

US 95: Avenue 9E to Fortuna Wash Bridge

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