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Planning to Programming Link development started with ADOT's multimodal visioning called "Building a Quality Arizona" (bqAZ), the 2010 Statewide Transportation Planning Framework Study created a fiscally-unconstrained vision for the state's transportation system in 2050. bqAZ led to "What Moves You Arizona?," the state's Long-Range Transportation Plan 2010-2035, which applied financial constraint to the vision, identifying anticipated revenues and providing a recommended investment choice (RIC) that indicates how revenues will be allocated to four different investment types: preservation, expansion, modernization, and non-highway. The third step, and subject of this report, is "Linking the Long-Range Plan and Capital Improvement Program," or P2P Link, which focuses on how ADOT and its primary business partners, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and Councils of Governments (COGs), fund, build, maintain and operate the transportation system.

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