Transportation Programming

Planning to Programming

ADOT understands that transportation touches everyone’s lives in a very personal way on a daily basis. Transportation is critical to our state’s economic vitality and our quality of life, which is why ADOT engages in a forward-thinking planning process that encourages community and stakeholder participation in transportation investment decisions. 

In Phase One of ADOT’s planning process — the transportation vision — we take the approach of the sky is the limit. If money was no object, what would Arizona’s transportation future look like? No fiscal restraint means everything is on the table. In 2008 and 2009, ADOT worked with community members and organizations throughout the state to develop the transportation vision by reviewing the needs for the next 40 years. This vision was called the Building a Quality Arizona (bqAZ) Statewide Transportation Planning Framework and was established with no fiscal constraints. The transportation vision for the state sets the comprehensive foundation for other plans that are fiscally constrained.

The Long-Range Transportation Plan — or Phase Two — must take revenues and funding into account. This plan looks 20-25 years into the future and identifies the state’s transportation needs while estimating what resources will be available to meet those needs. This is the plan that sets the overall strategic priorities that guide ADOT’s investments in the future. According to Arizona law, the Long-Range Transportation Plan must be updated every five years. While the Long-Range Transportation Plan sets priorities, the actual projects are chosen in Phase Three, the Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program.

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