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Frequently Asked Questions

What was PRIDE?

The PRIDE program was ADOT's product evaluation program. Effective Feb. 1, 2011, the program's name was changed to Product Evaluation Program.

What is the Approved Products List (APL)?

The APL is a document that shows products that have been evaluated by ADOT and found to meet ADOT's standards.

How do I apply?

First, please read through the product evaluation Application Instructions. The next step is to decide whether to submit the application under Section 1 or Section 2 of the Application Instructions. Section 1 evaluations are performed for products that are covered by ADOT specifications. Section 2 evaluations are performed for products that are not covered by ADOT specifications. Section 1 of the Application Instructions provides information on where to obtain ADOT specifications.

Finally, complete and sign the Application for Product Evaluation Form. The application is available as a Word document or in PDF format. Effective Feb. 1, 2011, no applications will be accepted by mail. All applications must be mailed to Please include the product name in the subject line and the contact's name, company, phone and mailing address in the body of the message.

Which category do I fall in?

Please refer to the APL and look for a category that represents your product. All applicable APL categories for the product must be listed on page one of the Application for Product Evaluation Form. If you cannot find an appropriate APL category for your product, it is possible that your product is not covered by the program. If this is the case, an evaluation of the product may not be necessary.

What is non-APL?

If your product does not fit any current ADOT APL categories and there is currently no need to create a new APL category for it, you may be given a non-APL notice.

Please check our current APL if there are any category(s) that your product(s) may be applied under. In the meantime, the Product Evaluation Program may contact the ADOT technical reviewer to see if there is a need to create a category.

If there is a need to create a category, the product will be reviewed and the category would need to be approved at a committee meeting. This process may take longer than a product that has a category already on the APL.

If there is no need to create a category, the Product Evaluation Program will give you a notice stating that your product cannot be placed on the APL because there is no category warranted and that your product will not be evaluated.

If there is a need to create a category for your product, your application will be assigned to a lead evaluator.

Do I need to submit product samples with my application?

Do not submit any product samples to ADOT with the application. If samples are needed for the evaluation of the product an ADOT representative will contact you to request the appropriate samples.

Whom do I contact?

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact the Product Evaluation Program by calling 602.712.6430 or emailing

How do I know if my application was received?

You will receive an email notifying you of receipt of your application. The email will include the product identification number for the application. You should keep track of this number. It is the easiest way for ADOT to find all information related to the evaluation of your product.

How do I see if a product is on the APL?

You can view all approved products by reading the APL, which is updated monthly. To check the current status of the APL you must view the latest version of the list.

How long will my product remain on the APL?

Most products are approved for a five-year period. In some cases a shorter approval period is used if interim field evaluation of a product is desired. Near the end of the product approval period, ADOT will send an email to the email address of record in the product's file asking if the product is still being manufactured and if there are any changes to the product or manufacturer's contact information. If there are no changes, the product approval is renewed (usually for another five years) unless there are changes to the APL.

What if my product or company information changes?

If there are changes to the product or company name and contact information, you should notify the program contact as soon as possible. Once you provide the updated information, ADOT will update your listing on the APL. If there are changes to your product, ADOT will review these with you to determine if the original product listing is still accurate.

Can I save a copy of the APL?

Yes.  The APL may be saved on your computer.  Go to the Approved Products List page and click on the hyperlink (shown highlighted in the image below). 

Excerpt from the APL page showing how to download the APL

I can't open the file.

Acrobat Reader is required in order to view the APL.

How do I find a product on the APL?

You can do searches in PDF documents as you would in Word. Select Find from the Edit menu or click on the binocular button on the toolbar menu.

Do the APL categories change?

From time to time, the ADOT product evaluation committees add or delete categories on the APL. If a category that contains your product is deleted, you will be notified. Deleting a category does not mean that ADOT will no longer use the products in this category. It means that the program will no longer evaluate the types of products previously listed in the deleted category.

Do I need to submit a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with the application?

If your product has chemical components, you must submit an SDS for the product. The ADOT Office of Safety and Risk Management reviews all program SDS documents. The product must meet the Office of Safety and Risk Management requirements before it will be evaluated. If an SDS does not have sufficient information for the Office of Safety and Risk Management to perform their evaluation, you will be contacted with a request for additional information.

How long does it take to approve a product?

The length of time to complete a product evaluation varies depending on the type of product involved. Some products require a Safety Data Sheet evaluation. Others require follow-up with the applicant for further information, including test data. In some cases, ADOT conducts field or laboratory tests of the product. The time frames for these evaluations range from a few months to two years.

How would I be notified if my product is approved or not and why is the process taking so long?

When the evaluation of your product is completed and ready for committee vote, then your product(s) will be presented and voted upon at the quarterly committee meeting.

Also, the evaluator or ADOT may request more information (including any test data) from you to make an adequate evaluation before a committee meeting. If we have any questions regarding your application(s), we will let you know. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Our evaluators may have a queue of applications ahead of yours.

Depending on our workload, you will be notified of the committee's decision within two to four weeks after a committee meeting if your application(s) have been evaluated.

Decisions to disapprove a product may be appealed.

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