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Airport of the Year Award

About the Award

The selection criteria used by the ADOT Aeronautics Group, which is part of the Multimodal Planning Division, consisted of accomplishments in the areas of aviation advocacy and community relations, airport management, special events and recognition as well as innovative activities and programs implemented at the airport.

The current award was presented to the airport manager and staff at the Arizona Airports Association Spring Conference in Flagstaff in early May.

Aeronautics and Airport Development at ADOT

While there are 114 airports across Arizona, 83 airports — including 11 privately owned airfields and 14 American Indian-owned airports — are identified in ADOT's system of airports. These 83 airports vary in size and serve different functions in meeting Arizona's aviation and economic needs. Arizona's total economic impact from this system of airports is $58 billion annually, according to ADOT research. ADOT works with 65 of the 83 airports throughout the federal and state grant process as part of the Airport Development Program.

ADOT's Aeronautics Group within the Multimodal Planning Division accepts applications and nominations for Airport of the Year. The Aeronautics Group looks at accomplishments in the areas of community relations, airport management, airport maintenance activities, and innovative activities and programs implemented at airports.

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