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Screening Treatment and Education Facilities Report

Abandoned Vehicle Report Transmittal
Coversheet for authorized Third Parties for transmittal of Abandoned Vehicle Reports. 74KB
1 pg
Add or Delete Individual on a License
For an authorized motor vehicle dealer to notify MVD to add or delete an individual on a license. 73KB
1 pg
Aircraft Dealer Bond
For an aircraft dealer license applicant to authorize a surety bond to guarantee payment of all outstanding taxes and fees and the faithful performance of all sales contracts or agreements. 328 kb
1 pg
Aircraft Dealer License Application
To apply for authorization as a licensed aircraft dealer in Arizona. 130KB
1 pg
Aircraft Exemption Affidavit
For apply for exemption from payment of license tax and registration fees on Arizona based aircraft. 346KB
2 pgs
Aircraft Inventory Log
For an aircraft dealer to record their inventory in support of a dealer registration application. 107KB
1 pg
Aircraft Registration Checklist
*** Online form is not fillable *** To guide an aircraft owner through the registration process. 60KB
1 pg
Aircraft Sold Notice
Must be submitted within 10 days of sale/transfer of an aircraft. 68KB
1 pg
Allocated Perm Fleet - Schedule B
To report revenue for a tax period, to be allocated to each jurisdiction for a fleet of vehicles 105KB
1 pg
Allocated Perm Fleet - Schedule B Instructions
To provide instructions for the completion of the Allocated Perm Fleet - Schedule B, 70-0510. 133KB
4 pgs
Alternative Fuel Withdrawal
Certification that vehicle is no longer Alt Fuel , in order to withdraw from participation in the Alternative Fuel Vehicle credits and fee reductions. 58KB
1 pg
Antique Plate Application
To use a license plate previously issued in Arizona which has the plate year that matches the vehicle year for a Classic Car or Historic Vehicle. 49KB
1 pg
Application For Aircraft Registration
For initial registration and renewal for aircraft based in Arizona. 419KB
2 pgs
Application for Military Skills Test Waiver
The Commercial Driver License (CDL) skills test waiver allows a qualified service member to apply for a CDL without skills testing. CDL knowledge (written) test(s) cannot be waived. 206KB
2 pgs
Application to Operate as a TNC
Application to operate as a Transportation Network Company (TNC) 108kb
Apportioned Registration Manual
Explains how to obtain registration for interstate trucks, tractors and other commercial vehicles based in Arizona under the International Registration Plan. 448K
32 pgs
Arizona Residency Affidavit
Residency affidavit to be eligible for an Arizona Travel-Compliant Driver License or Non-operating ID. 70kb
Arizona-Based IFTA Fuel Tax Refund Application
To provide IFTA carriers with a means to apply for fuel tax refunds that is compliant with applicable Arizona Revised Statutes. 533 kb
1 pg



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