Commercial Driver License

License Information


New or Transfer from Another State

Class A or B: $25

Class C (must include a P endorsement or HME): $12.50

Please add $10 for each endorsement you require (hazmat, tanker, doubles/triples or passenger). Motorcycle endorsement is $7. Please see the Commercial Driver License FAQ for additional fees.

  • $12
  • Class A or B: $15
  • Class C: $10
  • HME: $10 (knowledge test required)
Required Road/Skills Tests
  • Class A or B vehicle: $25
  • Class C vehicle: $12.50
  • Passenger or school bus endorsement: $5 (when adding to an existing CDL) 
Other Fees

Motor Vehicle Record, 39-Month: $3

Motor Vehicle Record, Certified 5-Year or 10-Year: $5

Abandoned Vehicle Fee: $500

Abandoned Vehicle Fee (on federal land): $600

Returned Check Fee: $25

If your license is revoked, disqualified, suspended or canceled, you may be required to pay another application fee in addition to a reinstatement fee.

Payment may be made by cash, check, traveler’s check or money order (payable to Motor Vehicle Division) for most fees; credit cards may be used at some offices. Returned check and reinstatement fees may not be paid by check.

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