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Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections match the vehicle identification number (VIN) to the vehicle ownership documents to determine the identity of the vehicle, and (in some cases) to verify that the vehicle is properly equipped for highway use. If applicable, you will need three items for an inspection:

  1. Proof of ownership, usually a title
  2. Valid driver license
  3. Receipts or invoices for all component parts that have been repaired or replaced.
Three Inspection Levels
Level II/III inspections are performed at Enforcement and Compliance Division (ECD) Inspection locations.
Level I

Conducted at MVD and Authorized Third Party offices, or by designated law enforcement officers. Level I inspections are for out-of-state vehicles without proof of title and/or registration, and for bonded titles. This is required only for certain vehicles. Most vehicles are successfully inspected and verified at this level. There is no fee for a Level I inspection conducted at an MVD office; however, third party providers may charge a fee.

Level II

This inspection can only be performed at ADOT ECD inspection locations. Secondary inspection is conducted when unusual circumstances indicate that a secondary VIN should be examined. A Level II inspection is conducted by a specially certified ADOT agent. The fee is $20 and, if a new Arizona number needs to be assigned, a $5 fee will be added. All inspections are performed on a first come first serve basis, no appointments will be scheduled.

In some cases where a Level II inspection is conducted, a review at a later date may determine that a Level III inspection is required. You will then be required to pay an additional $30.

Level III

This highest level inspection can only be conducted by specially certified ADOT agents at ADOT ECD inspection locations.The fee is $50. All inspections are performed on a first come first serve basis. No appointments will be scheduled.

Level III inspections could occur when a vehicle is restored salvage, a recovered stolen vehicle or has been involved in a collision. This inspection is necessary to verify all major component parts which include front-end assembly, engine, transmission, as well as rear-end assembly for trucks and truck-type vehicles.

For more information regarding vehicle inspections conducted in the Phoenix Metro area please call our automated information line at 602.712.2340.

For additional information, please see our Vehicle Services FAQ.

Abandoned Vehicle Inspections

If you intend to take possession of an abandoned vehicle, it must be inspected. Contact one of these locations for more information on where and when to have the abandoned vehicle inspected.

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