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The Energy Efficient Plate Program has reached its maximum limit of 10,000 vehicles.

Plate issuance has been suspended until further notice. ADOT will continue to update the list of eligible vehicles pending resumption of the program.

Arizona's Energy Efficient Plate Program allows eligible plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) unrestricted access to the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in Arizona. Program participants are issued a special Energy Efficient license plate with a "Hybrid" graphic. Qualifying vehicles are assessed the standard vehicle license tax.

This plate is available with the disability symbol to qualified applicants at no additional charge. A Special Plate Application is required.

To qualify, a customer must be the registered owner of one of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles listed below, have current Arizona registration and complete the online Energy Efficient plate application process through ServiceArizona. The program is limited to 10,000 participants. No new applications are being accepted at this time, but customers currently in the program can transfer their plate to another qualifying vehicle that they own. 

Qualifying Vehicles

Final check is done with vehicle identification number (VIN).

List of qualifying vehicles

See if your vehicle qualifies.

Customers with a prior qualifying (Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight and Toyota Prius) vehicle that is currently registered with an Energy Efficient plate will be allowed to continue using their plate until they sell/transfer the vehicle. The Energy Efficient plate may only be transferred to a qualifying plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that is owned or leased by the same registered owner. Otherwise, the owner must surrender the license plate to any MVD or Authorized Third Party (ATP) office. If the owner would like to receive the remaining plate credit, the owner must submit a Plate Refund Request.

For additional information, please see the Special Plates and Placards FAQ.

  • Electric Vehicle: If you have a vehicle that is totally electric powered, with no other supporting fuel supply, your vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle and is eligible for reduced vehicle license tax and an alternative fuel plate, which allows you unlimited access to the HOV lanes. There are currently no limitations on the number of these plates that are issued.

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