Friday, October 19, 2018

Two Adopt a Highway volunteers hang up their reflective safety vests after 14 years


By Mary J. Currie / ADOT Communications

It’s a pretty good day when you can be part of something bigger than yourself and something that leaves a positive mark. That is exactly what some employees with our Northwest District office in Prescott did recently by thanking a lovely couple from Kirkland Junction for their volunteer service.

Walt and Nancy Einsele dedicated 14 years of service to their community and ADOT as Adopt a Highway volunteers. They made a great team, and their efforts made a big difference in litter reduction at milepost 295 and the surrounding area on State Route 89 near Wilhoit.

They're at left in the photo above, with Alvin Stump, district engineer for the Northwest District, holding a sign bearing their names.

If Walt had his choice, he would still be out there cleaning, but for health reasons he had to retire his permit with the district.

We welcome volunteers who would like to fill Walt and Nancy’s shoes, and the community would welcome you too.

For more information about the Adopt a Highway volunteer program in all parts of Arizona, please contact us using the phone numbers on this map. You can learn more about the program at

EDITOR'S NOTE: The author oversees ADOT Adopt a Highway programs.
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