Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Repairs to damaged bridge set to finish by fall

Crews put the finishing touches on the shoring that will support the pier cap on the newly
reconstructed columns. The old columns were severely damaged by fire on March 15.

The new Mescal Road/J-Six interchange is taking shape!

The Cochise County bridge will soon reunite two communities that were unexpectedly disconnected after trucks collided beneath the old overpass in March.

After a fast-paced pre-construction process, work to rebuild the bridge began in early July. Just one month in, the hard-working crews from Vastco Inc. have constructed the bridge columns next to the eastbound lanes and erected shoring on those new columns to pour a new pier cap, and completed the pier caps atop the other columns that survived the fiery crash.

Rebar that will tie into a new pier cap pokes
skyward from four new columns next to the
eastbound lanes of I-10 at the project
to replace the overpass.
All this is in preparation for the setting of 35 new bridge girders, which are scheduled to make their appearance on the scene later this month!

Folks driving past this project on I-10 can expect two overnight closures – with traffic exiting on one side of the project and re-entering the interstate on the other side – while those girders are put into place.

Before you know it, a new bridge will mark the return of the short drive residents of Mescal and J-Six Ranch have missed these past several months.

ADOT truly appreciates the support and patience of these communities and looks forward to celebrating the reopening of the Mescal-J-Six bridge this fall!
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