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Insurance and
Indemnification Requirements

as of September 17, 2012
Information is Subject to Change 

Submitting Insurance Certificates for ECS Contracts
  • For new contracts a Certificate of Insurance is to be submitted to ECS for EACH contract in the eCMS Cost Proposal Module during contract negotiations. For more information refer to How to Submit Insurance Certificate.
  • Insurance renewals should be submitted via fax or e-mail at:
    E-mail: or Fax: 602-712-6545
    For more information contact the ADOT Office of Risk Management at 602-712-7327.
  • Insurance related questions for ECS contracts should be submitted to Risk Management's Insurance Analyst by phone at 602-712-7327 or by e-mail at
Beginning September 17, 2012, ADOT’s Risk Management Office assumed responsibility for approving and maintaining insurance certificates furnished to the Department for ECS contracts.  See Information Bulletin 13-04.

The insurance requirements for contracts advertised and executed prior to July 1, 2011 are different from the insurance requirements for contracts advertised and executed after July 1, 2011.  The following are links to the insurance requirements for the applicable time periods:

Insurance Requirements for contract prior to July 1, 2011
Insurance Requirements for contracts after July 1, 2011


In order for ADOT to enter into a contract with a consultant for services, the consultant shall have the capability and experience to perform and to be responsible for negligent acts which may occur in the course and scope of the consultant’s performance under the contract.

An Insurance certificate/policy is required for all contracts and shall be in effect at or prior to the execution of the contact and shall remain in effect for the duration of the contract and until all obligations under the contract have been discharged, which generally includes satisfying a required warranty period. Failure to maintain current insurance policies as required by the contract, or to provide evidence of insurance renewal, is considered to be a material breach of the contract.

Certificates of Insurance are designed to certify that: (1) a person or company (consultant) has the type of insurance needed to protect both itself and the State of Arizona against loss resulting from the particular work or service being performed; (2) the policy limits meet the limits of liability required in the contract; (3) the policy is currently in effect and has not expired; (4) the insurance company is a recognized and approved insurer; and (5) special conditions required by the contract are endorsed onto the policy.

All insurance certificates shall name the State of Arizona and ADOT as additional insured as outlined in the SOQ Package and contract.  Any variations to the required insurance certificates as outlined in the SOQ shall be reviewed by ADOT and may be rejected by ADOT in its sole discretion. 

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