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Yuma Maintenance

Yuma District Wide Maintenance
2243 East Gila Ridge Road
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 928.317.2124    Fax: 928.317.2121

Title Name Office Phone
Maintenance Engineer Michael A. Jones 928.317.2100
Maintenance Superintendent Vacant 928.317.2124
Maintenance Budget Analyst Berta Bouts 928.317.2124


Yuma Maintenance
2243 East Gila Ridge Road
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 928.317.2124    Fax: 928.317.2121

Title Name Office Phone
Supervisor Miguel Figueroa 928.317.2124
Leadman Ruben Marron 928.317.2124
Administrative Assistant Maria Moran 928.317.2124

Area of Responsibility

  • I.8 @ the California and Arizona border MP 0.00 to the Maricopa County Line at MP 79.86.
  • US 95 from the US Mexico border at MP 0.00 to MP 70.00
  • B8 from MP 0.00 to MP 11.93
  • SR 195 MP 5.5 to MP 27.39

Unique Features of Section

  • Yuma Territorial Prison, built in 1876, was the home of prisoners until 1909.  In 1910, it became the home for the Yuma Union High School for 4 years.  Now it is a state historical park that can be visited year round.
  • The Yuma Proving Grounds is adjacent to US 95 and is the home of the US Armyís weapons testing facility. 
  • Yuma Maintenance is in the Heart of the lettuce capitol.
  • The Colorado River is 1470 miles long with 1370 miles within the US.  160 miles of this River are along the Yuma District Boundaries.
  • Yuma Maintenance maintains one rest area (Mohawk Rest Area) at MP 56 on I-8.


Gila Bend Maintenance
1300 East Pima
P.O. Box 708
Gila Bend, Arizona 85337
Phone: 928.683.2582     Fax: 928.683.2529

Title Name Office Phone
Supervisor David Miller 928.683.2582
Leadman Michael Ulloa 928.683.2582
Administrative Assistant Roberta Vazquez-Robbins 928.683.2582

Area of Responsibility

  • I.8 from Maricopa County/Yuma County Line to Maricopa/Pinal County Line milepost 79.87 to 149.60
  • I.10 from Maricopa/La Paz County Line milepost 70.77 to 112.20
  • SR 85 North milepost 120.32 to North of the Gila River at Milepost 149.10
  • SR 85 South from B.8 Junction to Maricopa/Pima County Line 0.0 to 32.51
  • Business 8 from milepost 117.79 to 122.83

Unique Features of Section

  • Barry M. Goldwater Range located throughout the Yuma District, the nationís second largest tactical aviation range, providing the land and airspace necessary to train pilots for the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air National Guard, and U.S. allies since World War II. The range is roughly 20 miles wide by 120 miles long, extending from Yuma to approximately 25 miles east of Gila Bend, Arizona and from I-8 south to the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and/or the U.S. Mexican Border.
  • Painted Rock Petroglyph Site is located approximately 12.5 miles west of Gila Bend at Painted Rock Dam Road (exit 102 on I.8), head north 10.7 miles to Rocky Point Road.
  • Sentinel Rest Area is located on Interstate 8 at milepost 83.8 and Burnt Well Rest Area is located on Interstate 10 at milepost 86. Both rest areas have east and westbound handicap restrooms, picnic facilities, pay phone and vending machines.


Quartzsite Maintenance
770 West Kuehn
Quartzsite, Arizona
Phone: 928.927.6311     Fax: 928.927.6387

Title Name Office Phone
Supervisor David Wiro 928.927.6311
Leadman Frances Bergen 928.927.6311
Administrative Assistant Doreen Glidewell 928.927.6311

Area of Responsibility

  • I.10 from the California and Arizona border at MP 0.00 to MP 70.76
  • US/SR 95 from MP 70.01 to MP 161.73 at the Bill Williams Bridge
  • US 60 from MP 31.26 to MP 49.56
  • SR 72 from MP 13.11 to MP 49.91

Unique Features of Section

  • The Quartzsite Org maintains 2 rest areas (Ehrenberg and Bouse rest areas).
  • Quartzsite gets very busy during the winter season.  Estimated 1.5 million people travel to Quartzsite for their major gem, mineral, and swap meeting shows.
  •  Parker Dam is located approximately at MP 160 and is the dam with the deepest foundations.
  •  The Buckskin and River Island State parks are with in the Parker area.
  • Some historic sites in Quartzsite are Crystal Hill, Tyson Tanks, Tyson Wells Museum, and Hi Jolly Monument.
  • Just south in the Kofa Mountainís there is an area Palm Canyon that is the home of Arizonaís only native palms.


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