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State Route 86 (Valencia Road to Kinney Road) Widening Project



The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), in conjunction with the Pima County Department of Transportation (PCDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is currently working on a design to widen the roadway along State Route 86 (also referred to as Ajo Highway) between Valencia Road and Kinney Road. The purpose of the project is to enhance safety, improve traffic flow, and meet current and future traffic needs along this segment of SR 86.


Q. What improvements are you making to the roadway?
  A. Improvements include widening the roadway to two lanes in each direction from Valencia Road to Kinney Road; realigning Camino Verde, Tucson Estates Parkway and SR 86; adding a median along SR 86 similar to the existing median on SR 86 east of Kinney Road; improving connections with local access streets: Irvington Road (at Fred Avenue), Oklahoma Street, Spencer Street and Sunset Boulevard; new overhead message signs on westbound SR 86 at Valencia Road and eastbound SR 86 at Kinney Road; enhancing traffic control systems, including two bridge additions; and investigating requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps and push-buttons at the signalized SR 86 intersections: Valencia Road, San Joaquin Road, Camino Verde and Kinney Road.
Q. The project calls for realigning a few intersections. What does that mean?
  A. Realigning means to change the position of the roadway and signals to improve access to some side street connections. This will provide better visibility and ease when turning.
Q. What will happen to the roadside memorials?
  A. ADOT is requesting that families please pick up the memorials prior to construction. Informational tags will be placed on the memorials regarding the upcoming project. For memorial-related questions, or 1.855.712.8530.
Q. Why are medians being added?

Medians will be added as part of project safety enhancements. All medians will be a depressed swale, except for the construction of a raised median in two locations:

  • Starting at the SR 86/Camino Verde traffic intersection and extending approximately 1,100 feet east.
  • Starting approximately 1,000 feet east of the SR 86/Kinney Road traffic intersection and extending approximately 700 feet west of the SR 86/Kinney Road traffic intersection
Q. Why is access to Old Ajo Way being limited?
  A. Part of this project's purpose is to consolidate some of the access points along the road to increase safety.
Q. Will there be designated turn lanes to access businesses and side streets?
  A. A few turn lanes have been included in the proposed design. There are safety requirements that limit the use of turn lanes near signaled intersections.
Q. What is the access plan for Tucson Mountain Baptist Church?
  A. Motorists will be able to access Tucson Mountain Baptist Church from SR 86 by making right-in and right-out turns.
Q. Will noise barriers be added to any parts of the project area?
  A. A noise study, which will assess what effect the new road will have on adjacent properties, is currently underway. If the increase in noise is above the required threshold, appropriate noise mitigation measures may be implemented.
Q. Will there be pedestrian accommodations at the Kinney Road/SR 86 intersection?
  A. The intersections that will be signalized will be assessed to determine if pedestrian push-button and crosswalk signals are needed. However, only the east leg of the Kinney Road/SR 86 intersection will have a crosswalk for the north-south pedestrian movement.
Q. What will the speed limit be in the project area?
  A. The speed limit will be 55 mph.
Q. What is being done to address the flooding that surrounds the project area?
  A. Major drainage improvements throughout the project area are part of the design.
Q. When will a construction plan be released to the public?
  A. The project is expected to be advertised for construction bids in fall 2013.
Q. Is the state coordinating with Pima County on surrounding projects?
  A. ADOT is actively working with Pima County on this project and in communication regarding proposed projects in the area surrounding SR 86.
Q. Who is responsible for the projects around, but not directly on, SR 86?
  A. There are Pima County projects in various stages of planning in the surrounding area. Please visit for more information.

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