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Adopt a Highway

Volunteer Program

Volunteer groups apply for a two year permit to adopt a section along available roadways. Volunteers include families and civic and community members. 

All volunteers are required to complete a Safety Briefing before they head out to pick up litter. ADOT will provide the safety briefing, trash bags and two recognition signs to be used at each end of the adopted section. Volunteers are required to wear ANSI Class II safety vests, which are usually available from ADOT. Please check with your ADOT district contact regarding safety vests. If they are available, they can be borrowed.

We recommend you maintain a working group of six to 10 people per two-mile segment of highway. Once your group has received a permit, your group permit holder schedules the date and time of each cleanup with an ADOT contact who will help you get trash bags. Group permit holders review the provided safety briefing with all participants before each cleanup. They also make sure the Volunteer Registration form is read and signed by ALL participants for each cleanup event.

The ADOT Adopt a Highway Program does not allow children under the age of 12 to participate.

When your group has finished picking up litter, the filled trash bags are placed on the ground 6 to 10 feet from the roadway. ADOT maintenance crews will pick up the filled trash bags.

Members of the Adopt a Highway volunteer program are not paid to pick up litter. ADOT has an Adopt a Highway Sponsor program.

Ready to get busy? First things first; please submit your volunteer application to obtain a permit.

Adopt a Highway Volunteer Application

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