Environmental Guidance Documents

General Information

District Engineers / Transportation Board

Cover Page Templates

  • EPG Cover Page Template
    • This is the front page to be used as the cover of all documents such as air, noise, hazmat, biology, cultural, and hazmat reports. Note: This standard template is not yet to be used for environmental documents (EDs, CEs, EAs, EIS, etc). EPG will be developing new cover pages for these types of documents in the future.
  • EPG Title Page Template
    • This is a standard template for the title page (which is the page that is immediately AFTER the report cover). The consulting firm(s) information is located on this page.
  • Historic Preservation Team Title Page Template
    • This download contains the inside title page for Cultural Reports only, and includes information specific to cultural only - such as permit numbers and permitting agency name.

Make a State Map Wizard

  • Interactive State Map Wizard
    • Creating state location maps for your technical reports have never been easier! Save hours of time creating quality location maps with this intuitive state map wizard.

Learn About Environmental Planning

  • EPG Brochure
    • This 8 1/2 by 14 inch brochure highlights all that EPG does for ADOT. Great for passing out at public events!
  • EPG Presentations
    • This PowerPoint-style presentation covers Biology, Air Quality, Noise, Historic Preservation Team, Section 4(f), Hazmat, Environmental Justice and Local Government.