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Upcoming Advertisements
Contract Number Contract Description Project Manager/ADOT Group ECS Specialist DBE Goal
2019-008 Statewide Right of Way Acquisition & Relocation On-Call (Formerly Contract 2018-003) Paula Gibson 0.00%
2019-009 Right of Way Plans and Survey On-Call (Formerly Contract 2018-005) Michael Mayes 6.33%
2019-011 Statewide Environmental Investigations On-Call Administration Ralph Ellis 10.17%
2019-012 Construction Administration On-Call (Formerly Contract 2018-012) Sherri Ross 0.00
2019-013 On-Call Referee Testing of Field-Produced Asphaltic Concrete (Formerly Contract 2018-013) Sherri Ross 0.00%
2019-014 On-Call Asphalt Binder, Crumb Rubber Asphalt, Emulsified Asphalt and AC Mix Testing (Formerly Contract 2018-014) Sherri Ross 0.00%
2019-015 On-Call Materials Testing (Formerly Contract 2018-016) Dharminder Sharma


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