SOQ Received List

Contract Number:   19001207
Contract Description:   On-call photogrammetric mapping services
Contract Tracs #:   VARIOUS

Consultant (Count:6)
Sub Consultant
Aero Tech Mapping Technologies, LLC
Leo Torres
8037 N. 43rd Ave. Ste. 102
Phoenix AZ85051
Ph: 623.242.7656
Fax: 623.242.8939
Email: [email protected]

  1. A Team Professional Associates, Inc.
Ayres Associates
Daniel J. Hartig
1500 N. Priest Drive Ste. 107
Tempe AZ85281
Ph: 602.275.2655
Fax: 602.275.2252
Email: [email protected]

  1. Premier Engineering Corporation (DBE)
Cooper Aerial Surveys Co.
Jeff Cooper
11402 N. Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix AZ85020
Ph: 602.678.5111
Fax: 602.678.5228
Email: [email protected]

  1. Premier Engineering Corporation (DBE)
Kenney Aerial Mapping, Inc.
John Cahoon
1125 N. Grand Ave Bldg #1
Phoenix AZ85007
Ph: 602.258.6471
Fax: 602.340.1877
Email: [email protected]

Martinez Geospatial, Inc.
Stephen J. Martinez
8011 34th Ave S., Ste. C47
Minneapolis MN55425
Ph: 952.698.0230
Fax: 952.698.0234
Email: [email protected]

Vertical Mapping Resources, Inc.
Kurt Okraski
7825 E. Gelding Dr. Ste. 101
Scottsdale AZ85260
Ph: 480.948.2555
Fax: 480.948.2521
Email: [email protected]

  1. Alpha Engineering, Inc. (DBE)

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