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Engineering Consultants Section
205 S. 17th Ave.
Mail Drop 616E
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.7525
Fax: 602.712.7424

ECS Administrative

Position Person Phone
ECS Manager Michael DenBleyker 602.712.7808
Management Analyst IV Edina Omeragic 602.712.8653
Administrative Assistant III Liliana Rubinstein 602.712.4698

Contract Compliance Unit

Position Person Phone
Unit Manager Sanja Katic-Jauhar 602.712.7720
Compliance Specialist Ermalinda Gene
Compliance Specialist Cedric Johnson 602.712.7628 

Contracts Unit

Position Person Phone
Unit Manager Gregory Wristen 602.712.4474
Contract Manager Jennifer Moyzes
Contract Manager Ron W Smith 602.712.8840
Contract Manager Sherri Ross 602.712.6825
Contract Manager Trista Ellis 602.712.7668
Contract Specialist Randal Copic 602.712.4121
Contract Specialist Kathleen Beuzekom 602.712.7261 
Contract Specialist Margie Cerda 602.712.8369
Contract Specialist Annette Perez 602.712.4171
Consultant Contract Specialist Dana Cherry

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