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Transportation Technology

Project Development

Project managers working in Project Development utilize the ADOT project-management process to deliver ITS projects through the PS&E phase and continue to monitor the projects through construction.

Tools developed to enhance the process include FMS Communications Master Plan, FMS Design Guidelines and Ramp Meter Guidelines. In addition, designers use ADOT Standard Drawings and Specifications.

The Project Development section is responsible for ITS projects in Phoenix and throughout the state. Types of ITS projects include Freeway Management System (FMS) expansion, Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) installations and other projects as needed. In the Phoenix area, projects are defined on the Phoenix Freeway Management System Field Implementation map and developed through the state budget process. The list of Current Advertisements provides an excellent overview of existing projects. Project Development also works closely with other agencies with their ITS projects, such as the Regional Community Network (see RCN Newsletter 1 and RCN Newsletter 2).

ITS Standard Drawings

Current ITS Standard Drawings

It is the responsibility of users to make sure they are using current design standards. Project plans that involve the Transportation Technology Group (TTG) should be developed with the ITS Standard Drawings and other TTG design guidelines. Projects that include other disciplines should also use the standards and guidelines from each discipline involved, which are located on their respective Web pages.

Historical ITS Construction Standard Drawings

Listed below are the Historical ITS Construction Standard Drawings for reference. It is the responsibility of the designer to ensure use of the correct Standard Drawings for a project.

Construction Standards Index Sheets: 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D and 1E

The construction standards index pages are used in project plans and show the current standard number, name and revision date.

Index sheets for Roadway Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Bridge standard drawings.

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