Signing and Marking Standard Drawings


This page provides a PDF copy of the Traffic Engineering Signing and Marking Historical Standard Drawings, which were issued as a set in 1991.

Drawing NumberDrawing Name
Index Table of Contents
2-S-5.01 Overhead Sign Struct. 8 Panel Truss #1 to #3 One Way Traffic
2-S-5.02 Overhead Sign Struct. 10 Panel Truss #4 to #10 One Way Traffic & Two Way Traffic
2-S-5.03 Overhead Sign Struct. 16 Panel Truss #11 to #16 One Way Traffic
2-S-5.04 Overhead Sign Struct. 16 Panel Truss #11 to #16 Two Way Traffic
2-S-5.05 Overhead Sign Struct. 16 Panel Truss #17 to #25 Field Splice-Two Way Traffic
2-S-5.06 Overhead Sign Struct. 16 Panel Truss #17 to #25 Field Splice-One Way Traffic
2-S-5.07 Overhead Sign Struct. General-Recap Sheet
2-S-5.08 Overhead Sign Struct. Truss Details
2-S-5.09 Overhead Sign Struct. Truss Details
2-S-5.10 Overhead Sign Struct. Column Details
2-S-5.11 Overhead Sign Struct. Column Details
2-S-5.12 Overhead Sign Struct. Walkway Support-Grating-HDRL & Drip Pan Details
2-S-5.13 Overhead Sign Struct. Walkway Support-Grating-HDRL & Drip Pan Details
2-S-5.14 Overhead Sign Struct. Walkway Support-Handrail & Sign Connection Details
2-S-5.15 Overhead Sign Struct.Grating Sign Connection Details
2-S-5.16 Overhead Sign Struct. Foundation Details
2-S-5.17 Cantilever Traffic Sign Structure
2-S-5.18 Cantilever Sign Layout Details
2-S-5.19 Cantilever Sign Tower Details
2-S-5.20 Cantilever Sign Tower Details No.1
2-S-5.21 Cantilever Sign Tower Details No.2
2-S-5.22 Cantilever Sign Handrail Details
2-S-5.23 Cantilever Sign Handrail Support Details
2-S-5.24 Cantilever Sign Ladder and Grating Details
2-S-5.25 Cantilever Sign Connection Details
2-S-5.26 Cantilever Sign Overhead Light Support Mounting Details
2-S-5.27 Cantilever Sign Foundation Details
4-C-1.01 Sand Barrel Crash Cushion
4-C-1.02 Sand Barrel Crash Cushion Typical Installations
4-C-1.03 Sand Barrel Crash Cushion Module Components
4-C-2.01 Temporary Concrete Barrier
4-M-1.01 Pavement Markings for Crosswalks, Parking, & Intersections
4-M-1.02 Curb Markings for Raised Median & Islands
4-M-1.03 Painted Channelization
4-M-1.03.1 Centerline and Reverse Curve Details
4-M-1.04 Inspection Station Markings for Freeways
4-M-1.05 Inspection Station Markings for Non-Freeways
4-M-1.06 Transition Striping Two Lane to Four Lane
4-M-1.07 Striping and Delineation for Freeway Terminals
4-M-1.08 Uphill Passing Lane Striping Details
4-M-1.09 Striping for Entrance Ramps, Exit Ramps and Edge Lines
4-M-1.10 Approach Markings for Obstruction in the Roadway
4-M-1.11 Railroad Markings
4-M-1.12 Word Markings
4-M-1.13 Pavement Letters
4-M-1.14 Pavement Letters
4-M-1.15 Pavement Numbers
4-M-1.16 Storage Lane Markings and Arrow Details
4-M-1.17 Placement of Centerlines, Lane Lines & Edge Lines
4-M-1.18 Turning Lane Typical Pavement Markings
4-M-1.23 Freeway Pavement Markings
4-M-1.24 Preferential Lane Pavement Markings
4-M-1.25 Striping and Delineation for Truck Escape Ramps
4-M-1.26 Pavement Marking for Freeway Entrance Ramps
4-M-1.27 (Feet) Pavement Marking for Freeway Exit Ramps (ft)
4-M-1.27 (Meters) Pavement Marking for Freeway Exit Ramps (m)
4-M-1.28 Lane Drop Pavement Markings
4-M-10.01 Bridge & Barrier Marker Details
4-M-10.02 Bridge & Barrier Marker Placement & Installation Details
4-M-10.03 Guardrail B.C.T. Delineation Details
4-M-2.02 Raised Pavement Markers Details
4-M-2.03.1 Pavement Marking Details
4-M-2.03.2 Pavement Marking Details
4-M-2.04 Typical Installations of Raised Pavement Markers
4-M-2.05 Temporary Pavement Markers for Chip Seal Projects
4-M-2.06 Flexible Tubular Marker Detail
4-M-2.07 Traffic Drum Details
4-M-2.10 Rumble Strip Details
4-M-3.01 Object Marker Details
4-M-3.02 Object Marker Placement Details
4-M-3.03 Object Marker for Sand Barrel Crash Cushion
4-M-4.01 Delineator Details
4-M-4.02 Roadway Delineator Placement
4-M-4.03 Interchange Delineator Spacing
4-M-4.04 Transition Delineation
4-M-4.05 Delineation Details for Median Crossovers
4-M-6.01 Off-Mainline Reference Marker Details
4-M-6.02 Off-Mainline Reference Marker Details
4-M-9.01 Snow Marker Details
4-S-1.01 Inspection Station Signing for Freeways
4-S-1.02 Inspection Station Signing for Non-Freeways
4-S-1.03 Transition Signing for Freeway Terminals
4-S-1.04 Transition Signing
4-S-1.05 Signing for Uphill Passing Lanes
4-S-1.06 Standard Safety Pullout Signing
4-S-1.07 Typical Crossroad Signing Rural Trumpet Interchange
4-S-1.08 Typical Crossroad Signing Rural Cloverleaf Interchange
4-S-1.09 Typical Crossroad Signing Rural Diamond Interchange
4-S-1.10 Typical Rest Area Interior Signing
4-S-1.11 Typical Interchange Regulatory Signing Signalized-One Way Street
4-S-1.12 Typical Interchange Regulatory Signing Signalized-Narrow Median
4-S-1.13 Typical Interchange Regulatory Signing Signalized-Wide Median
4-S-1.14 Typical Interchange Regulatory Signing Stop Sign Control
4-S-1.15 Railroad Signing
4-S-1.16 Typical Signing Truck Escape Ramp
4-S-1.17 Breakaway Post Design
4-S-2.01 Exit Number Panel and Exit Sign Format
4-S-2.02 Rest Area Sign Format
4-S-2.03 Scenic View Sign Format
4-S-2.04 Services Sign Format
4-S-2.05 Services Sign Format
4-S-2.06 Services Sign Format
4-S-2.07 Services Sign Format
4-S-2.08 Arrow Format Details
4-S-2.09 Regulatory Signs
4-S-2.10 Regulatory Signs
4-S-2.11 Regulatory Signs
4-S-2.12 Regulatory Signs
4-S-2.13 Regulatory Signs
4-S-2.14 Regulatory Signs
4-S-2.15 Warning Signs
4-S-2.16 Warning Signs
4-S-2.17 Warning Signs
4-S-2.18 Warning Signs
4-S-2.19 Independent Mount Route Marker Signs
4-S-2.20 Route Marker Signs
4-S-2.21 Guide Sign Mounted Route Marker Signs
4-S-2.22 Route Marker Signs
4-S-2.23 Route Marker Signs
4-S-2.24 Route Marker Signs
4-S-2.25 Route Marker Signs
4-S-3.01 Aluminum Extrusion Sign Panel Details
4-S-3.01.1 Aluminum Extrusion Exit Number Panel Details
4-S-3.03 Sign Panel Overlay
4-S-4.01 Guide Signs Breakaway Post Installations
4-S-4.03 W-Shape Tension Fuse Plate and Hinge Details
4-S-4.04 Breakaway Post Details W-Shape Guide Signs
4-S-4.05 Breakaway Post Details S-Shapes
4-S-4.07 Auxiliary Sign Instillation Details
4-S-4.10 Sign Instillation on Pole
4-S-4.11 Sign Instillation on Signal Pole
4-S-4.13 Offsets, Clearances, and Mounting Details for Warning Regulatory and Marker Signs on Freeways
4-S-4.14 Offsets, Clearances, and Mounting Details for Signs on Non-Freeways, Ramps and Crossroads
4-S-4.15 Square Tube Post Selection and Sign Mounting Details
4-S-4.16 Square Tube Post Foundation & Splice Details
4-S-4.18 U-Channel Post Selection and Installation Details
4-S-4.19 Freeway Mile Post Details
4-S-4.19.1 Non-Freeway Mile Post Details
4-S-5.01 Tapered Tube Sign Structure

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