Construction and Materials

Materials Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) Section of the ADOT Materials Group is committed to insuring the highest-quality standard for materials sampling and testing throughout the state of Arizona.

The QA section performs these functions:

  • Manages the Annex Facility for the repair, fabrication and calibration of materials testing equipment
  • Develops, revises and issues materials for the quality-assurance manual and materials test methods
  • Inspects all ADOT and ADOT approved independent laboratories to ensure proper test methodology and equipment
  • Conducts the ADOT proficiency sample program
  • Maintains AASHTO accreditation of the Central Materials Laboratory
  • Assures that adequate and precise materials testing is performed in compliance with specifications on each ADOT project
  • Maintains a directory of ADOT approved materials testing laboratories
  • Works in conjunction with the Arizona Technical Training Institute (ATTI) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) to ensure quality materials sampling and testing through technician certification
  • Provides input and expertise for materials-related areas
  • Administers the ADOT Radiation Safety Program
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