Business Engagement and Compliance

Overall DBE Goals

The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) establishes and oversees the  ADOT DBE Program, as required, for each federal agency FHWA, FTA and FAA. According to ADOT’s DBE Program Plan, specific to each funding agency, a DBE goal may or may not be established on a federally funded project. All federally funded projects shall be evaluated for a DBE goal. These DBE Goals are established based on the results of a DBE Disparity Study that ADOT conducts every five (5) years.  ADOT also conducts an Availability Study every 3 years and can recommend changes to the DBE goal in between the Disparity Study time-frames, as appropriate, based on the Availability Study results.

The following goals have been approved for ADOT by the indicated USDOT Funding Agency:

Funding Agency Federal Fiscal Timeframe Overall
DBE Goal
Race Conscious % Race Neutral %
FHWA 2018-2020 9.55% 4.55% 5.00%
FTA 2017-2019 7.25% N/A 7.25%
FAA 2016-2018 4.87% N/A 4.87%

Monthly Contract Award & DBE Commitment Reports

Monthly Contract Award and DBE Commitment Reports provide information about the DBE commitments for each federally funded FHWA project awarded in a given month.

Important Note: These reports do not include DBE's that are added to the project after the initial contract award.

Federal Fiscal Year 2018
Month Design Construction Total
October 2017 5.61% 42.85%  9.57% 
November 2017 11.56%  10.23% 10.09%
 December 2017 4.27% 4.94% 4.59% 
January 2018 8.54% 2.67% 3.48%
February 2018 6.30% 5.67% 5.70%
March 2018 2.27% 8.54% 8.30%
 April 2018 3.11% 7.15% 7.03%
May 2018 12.74% 8.10% 8.41%
Year to Date 7.29%
8.89% 8.75%

FY 2017 - 2018 FHWA Uniform Report of DBE Commitments/Awards and Payment Reports (Semi-Annual)

Fiscal Year 2018
  RC RN Overall
First Half 9.97% 4.06% 14.03%
Second Half      
Overall 9.97% 4.06% 14.03%

Fiscal Year 2017
  RC RN Overall
First Half 11.79% 5.82% 17.60%
Second Half 6.87% 8.09% 14.96%
Overall 9.49% 6.88% 16.37%

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Civil Rights

Pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ADOT does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability. Persons that require a reasonable accommodation based on language or disability should contact ADOT’s Civil Rights Office at Requests should be made as early as possible to ensure the State has an opportunity to address the accommodation.

De acuerdo con el título VI de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964 y la Ley de Estadounidenses con Discapacidades (ADA por sus siglas en inglés), el Departamento de Transporte de Arizona (ADOT por sus siglas en inglés) no discrimina por raza, color, nacionalidad, edad, género o discapacidad. Personas que requieren asistencia (dentro de lo razonable) ya sea por el idioma o por discapacidad deben ponerse en contacto con la Oficina de Derechos Civiles en Las solicitudes deben hacerse lo más pronto posible para asegurar que el equipo encargado del proyecto tenga la oportunidad de hacer los arreglos necesarios.