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DBE Disparity Study

Disparity Study Schedule

In-Depth Interviews Continue

The study team has completed more than 60 in-depth interviews with business owners and trade associations. If you would like to participate in an in-depth interview, please email Keen Independent at with your name, firm name and phone number.

First Set of Availability Interviews Have Been Completed

As described in the Study Summary, during the availability analysis, firms were contacted by phone to participate in interviews conducted by Customer Research International (CRI). These interviews collected information regarding the qualifications and interest of local construction, engineering and related firms to do business with ADOT and local agencies.

Revised Disparity Study Schedule

View the anticipated schedule for completion of the ADOT Disparity Study. Check back here often for information and updates regarding the progress of the study.

2014 Availability Study Complete

The 2014 Availability Study that examined the overall DBE goal for FHWA-funded contracts is complete. Keen Independent compiled data about availability of DBEs and other firms through interviews with more than 4,200 businesses in Arizona. Only businesses reporting their qualifications and interest in ADOT and local agency transportation-related prime contracts and subcontracts were included in the final analyses. Keen Independent also collected detailed information about prime contracts and subcontracts for more than 1,300 FHWA-funded contracts from July 2007 through June 2013.

The overall goal incorporates availability of currently certified DBEs and potential DBEs, including noncertified minority- and women-owned firms that appear that they could be DBE-certified. The 9.38-percent overall DBE goal reflects a downward adjustment from current availability results (14.61 percent) based on factors included in USDOT guidance. (The full Availability Study contains detailed information about these data, analytical methods and potential adjustment factors.)

The Availability Study was released for public comment on Aug. 4, 2014. A summary of comments is included as an appendix. The report can be found here.