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DBE Disparity Study

ADOT Seeks Individuals and Groups to Comment on Recent Disparity Study Results
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ADOT recently completed a draft Disparity Study Report that analyzed the utilization and availability of minority- and women-owned firms, by race, ethnic and gender group, to determine whether there are disparities in the past utilization of those firms in ADOT and local public agency contracts. The study included analysis of in-depth interviews with business owners, trade associations and others about their experiences related to the transportation contracting industry in Arizona.

Based on the study results, ADOT is proposing the following DBE goals:

Funding Agency

Federal Fiscal Timeframe

Overall Proposed DBE Goal

Race Conscious %

Race Neutral %
















Before submitting the proposed goals to USDOT, ADOT is conducting a 45-day Public Comment period from June 8 through July 23, seeking public input on its proposed goals for participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms on federally-funded contracts for the next three years.

The public is encouraged to comment on the size of the proposed overall DBE goals, the means proposed to achieve the goals, the results of the Disparity Study, as well as experiences competing for or working on ADOT projects. ADOT also seeks suggestions on how to improve contracting opportunities for DBEs and other small businesses, and recommendations on what ADOT and the transportation industry can do to enhance support of the Federal DBE Program.

The public comment period runs from June 8 through July 23.

At any time during the 45-day public comment period, comments may be provided in the following ways:

All documents related to the proposed goal and methodology and draft Disparity Study will be available for review online at or at the ADOT Business Engagement and Compliance Office at 1135 N. 22nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85009.