Business Engagement and Compliance

DBE Disparity Study

Opportunities for Individuals and Groups to Participate in the Study

Public Hearing Schedule

ADOT will be seeking input and recommendations throughout Arizona concerning improvements to ADOT and local agency contracting practices, local business assistance programs, operation of the Federal DBE Program and other topics.

ADOT is ensuring that the contracting community and general public have extensive opportunities to provide input to the study. These are the public involvement components:

  • Online and telephone interviews with businesses. The study team will contact more than 1,000 businesses to offer opportunities to complete telephone interviews about their companies and their perceptions of ADOT and the Arizona marketplace.
  • In-depth interviews with trade associations, businesses and other groups. The study team will complete about 60 in-depth personal interviews with representatives of trade associations and local businesses.
  • Establishment of an External Stakeholder Group. ADOT has established an External Stakeholder Group to provide input regarding the study and review initial results. The group includes representatives of minority- and women-owned firms, large prime contractors and trade associations.
  • Ability to email questions and comments during the study. ADOT has established an email address that anyone can use to provide input or ask questions during the study:
  • Opportunity to provide comments on the draft disparity study report. Once a draft report is complete in 2015, ADOT will make it available for public review. ADOT will ask for input, comments and suggestions, which will be thoroughly reviewed and summarized in the final report.

The public will continue to have the ability to provide input after the study is complete. ADOT will have an open, transparent process with substantial opportunity for public comment as it incorporates results of the disparity study into its future operation of the Federal DBE Program in Arizona.