Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

DBE Contract Goal Assessment

All ADOT contracting groups and subrecipients of FHWA funds must have their projects assessed for a DBE goal prior to advertising a contract by submitting a DBE Goal Worksheet to the Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO). DBE participation is achieved through race-neutral and race-conscious means. All federal aid projects are assessed for DBE opportunity. Where DBE availability exists, race-conscious goals will be set.

DBE Goal Setting Worksheets are updated regularly based upon feedback from ADOT staff and subrecipients. Before starting a new request, please download the latest version below and follow the instructions for completion and submission:

  1. Download the version relevant to your project.
  2. Fill in the cover page with project summary information (all fields are required).
  3. Complete the applicable work category worksheet on the second tab.
  4. Email the completed file along with the project scope to [email protected].  
    NOTE: This is a new email address! 
  5. You will receive a receipt confirmation within one to two business days.  BECO will provide the project goal assessment within 10 business days of receiving both the scope and goal assessment form.  

Download Construction Goal Worksheet (version C20141226)

Download ProfessionalServices Goal Worksheet Worksheet (version PS20141226)

The Procurement / Goods and Services Worksheet will soon be available for download. Until then, utilize the Professional Services or Construction worksheet for procurement projects.

Any incomplete or out-of-date forms will be returned to the sender for further input and may delay the calculation of the DBE goal for your project.  Failure to provide a scope of work, may also delay your goal assessment.   Note: It is not necessary to submit DBE goal requests for projects that are NOT funded via the U.S. Department of Transportation and/or one of its administrations (FHWA, FTA, FAA, etc.). Please contact the BECO office at 602.712.7761 with questions regarding the applicability of DBE requirements.

DBE Goals Set to Date

You may search below to view recently completed DBE goal assessments.

Note: The information posted by the Business Engagement and Compliance Office is relative to DBE goal assessments only. All information regarding specific solicitations should be sought from the appropriate ADOT contracting area.

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