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Register as a Small Business Concern.

In partnership with the cities of Phoenix and Tucson, ADOT has implemented a Small Business Concern component to its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program. The initiative is required by the federal regulations (49 CFR 26.39) governing the state's DBE program.

The Small Business Concern component of the DBE program will not require firms to undergo a complicated certification process, nor will it add an additional layer of small-business utilization goals to projects. Instead, small businesses interested in providing goods and services on federal-aid projects can register as a Small Business Concern through a simple self-registration process in the Arizona Unified Transportation Registration and Certification System (AZ UTRACS).

With the exception of companies located in Pima County, small businesses throughout the state of Arizona can register through AZ UTRACS. Pima County companies must contact city of Tucson to register as an SBC.

Because the Small Business Concerns component is a part of the DBE program, ADOT will include registered Small Business Concerns in its outreach, education and networking events coordinated by the DBE Supportive Services program. ADOT hosts a variety of free face-to-face networking events for subcontractors to meet primes, two regional conferences annually, regional training and workshops, and an annual expo to increase the capacity and visibility of small and disadvantaged businesses participating in the program.

The Small Business Concern component benefits each stakeholder differently. Here are some examples:

  • ADOT will be able to identify additional businesses that are able to support and build Arizona's transportation infrastructure.
  • Small Business Concerns will become more visible to contractors, prime consultants, local public agencies and procurement officers with current and upcoming business opportunities throughout the state by registering through AZ UTRACS.
  • ADOT, the city of Phoenix, the city of Tucson and other local government entities that receive federal funding will include language in their contracts to encourage the utilization of Small Business Concerns on transportation projects.
  • Small Business Concerns will be eligible to participate in DBE business development activities, bidding opportunity discussions, networking events, conferences and workshops provided by ADOT.
  • Certified DBE firms will be able to expand their experience and capabilities in areas outside of their current certified areas to build additional experience and capacity toward future areas of certification.
  • Prime contractors/consultants and government agencies will be able to more easily find local, small-business vendors for their projects statewide.

Small businesses can register by indicating their business size, services and owner contact information, and by indicating that they meet the Small Business Administration size standard average annual income criteria for their primary North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. Small Business Size Standard Table is available here.

Currently certified DBE firms that are certified through ADOT, the city of Phoenix and the city of Tucson DBE programs, as well as certified Small Business Enterprise firms participating in the city of Phoenix Small Business Enterprise (SBE) programs, will automatically be registered as a Small Business Concern in the state of Arizona. Pima County small businesses must contact the city of Tucson for further information.

For more information, contact the Business Engagement and Compliance Office at 602.712.7761.