Right of Way / Properties

Project Management

The Right of Way Project Management section is responsible for the right of way project coordination, property valuation and appraisal review and oversight of Local Public Agency (LPA) right of way activities and LPA Right of Way Qualification Program.

Project coordinators are responsible for monitoring all right of way activities associated with a highway project. To see who is responsible, check the Statewide Project Coordinator Map and the Regional Freeway Project Coordinator Map (for the metro Phoenix area).

LPA Qualification Program

The LPA Qualification Program presents qualification procedures to be followed by ADOT in working with local public agencies. Qualification is the process whereby ADOT approves the local agency's policies and procedures for the right-of-way acquisition. Qualified status allows the local agency to perform acquisition-related activities for federal-aid projects. To see the Right of Way LPA Project Coordinator responsible for the oversight of the LPA Right of Way activities, check the Statewide LPA Project Coordinator Map.

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