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Interim Policies

This page lists the interim policy and/or procedural changes to the CADD Standards and Right of Way Plans preparation. These policies shall be immediately implemented by all and are effective as of the date listed. Any deviation of said policies must be approved by ADOT. Future releases of the CADD Standards will include these policy changes in the appropriate manuals and/or exhibits.


042810     Revised policy/clarification regarding showing nearest major town/intersection and "distance to" mileage on R/W Plans Cover Sheets
052110 New Preliminary Cover Sheet for ADOT R/W Plans Web page


090109    Sample of Results of Survey sheets portraying monumentation of existing R/W


102108    Measurable tolerance policy on reporting found R/W monuments vs. calc points on the Results of Survey and Supplemental Surveys
022008    State Land parcels – No gross areas on ORS


090407    Updated and Revised July 2000 Memo for SBTR
011807    Variation of standard for portrayal of R/W project limits
011207    Orientation of Sectional Control/Key Map sheets in the Results of Survey


120606    Historical ADOT Monumentation Standards References
060806    Revised Standard Specifications for Right of Way Monumentation
060806    Providing a marked up set of final R/W plans, after revisions
031506    Meeting Minutes - New Procedure


122205    Updated Policy Regarding Temporary Construction Easements for Turnouts
111505    ADOT Design Procedure Memorandum - Surveys and Aerial Mapping - RTP Projects in Maricopa County
103105    Date Stamping of Calc Book Sheets
032805    Point ID Electronic Files on CD submittals
032505    Seal Block Policy on Electronic Files for CD Submittals


122104    Clarification of Contents in "Description of Area Required" Column on Ownership Record Sheet
122104    Adding Resolution Number to Cover Sheet for Change Orders/New Project on Old R/W Plans
112904    Extending Property Lines to the Centerline of Highway
112604    On-Call minor revisions to New R/W design requirements on R/W plans
112604    Reference centerline on R/W plans for new R/W station & offset calculations
112604    Station labeling of new R/W corners opposite centerline spirals
112604    Locating Reset Section Corner Monuments on Final Monumentation Survey
112604    Showing ADOT permanent easements on ROS
112604    Submittal of pdf files on CD's at Final R/W Plans & Final Monumentation Survey stages
071404    Portraying Access Control and TCE's on State Land parcels
062904    Documenting Newly Set Existing R/W Monumentation
021704    New Policy Concerning Notification of Cadd Standards Exhibit Revisions
020904    Showing the Existing R/W Radius Points on the ROS – Exhibits F3 and F5


123103    Calculation and Portrayal of Spiral Curve Existing R/W Line Intersections
112803    Labeling of Centerlines on Survey and R/W Plans
112003    Nonstandard Text Orientation on R/W Plan sheets
102303    Clarification of Stations shown on R/W Monumentation Staking Plans/Survey
101603    Use of found R/W monument symbol on Surveys
080803    Stated Decimal Places for Grid Factor on Results of Survey
071503    Right of Way Corridor Survey and Analysis Guidelines (Revised September 2005)
071003    Designating Parcels Containing "Additional New R/W to Be Acquired"
070303    Revisions to boilerplate scope – Delivery of calculation book
042403    State Land parcels – Access control/metes and bounds info
022603    Highway Name on Cover Sheet
021003    R/W Plans Policy Clarification – Showing Bearings and Distances on New R/W Lines


112102    New Change Orders on older R/W Plans with Aerial sheets
111502    PDF Policy – Clarified
093002    Tagging/Stamping on Accepted Sectional Corners
092602    Submittals of Calc sheets for verification of ORS areas
091702    Removing unneeded parcels from Right of Way Plans
090302    Use of Electronic Seal on R/W Plans submittals
081902    Hatching of areas to be acquired by resolution
080702    Dot Patterning on VM and Acquisition Record on ORS
071002    Construction Alignment Data on R/W Plans
071002    R/W Plans Sheet Match Lines
062102    Hundredths and seconds – Revised
062102    Protracted Sections – Revised
053002    Plan submittal date stamping policy
052102    DCR linework on Basemapping Plans and review policies
040802    Archive CDs and Reference Files
032202    Dimensioning Access Control


112901    Access Control on Cross Streets
100901    Gross and Net Areas and Underlying Fee
082901    Showing Stationing along Cross Streets on MAG Projects
080901    Perpetual Easement Areas on Ownership Record Sheet
072001    Descriptions for Parcels Requiring an HED
052401    Parcels Acquired by Highway Easement Deed
012601    Local Tangent Bearings on Right of Way Plans
011201    Alphanumeric Prefixes in Federal Project Numbers
011201    Aerial Enlargement Sheets in Right of Way Plans Sets


112700    Record Distances on Right of Way Plans
110700    ORS naming
110600    New RW Lines that follow property lines
110100    Change Order Procedure
101300    Showing Trust Names on Right of Way Plans
050900    Resolutions on the RW Plans Cover Sheet
050800    Sixteenth Lines – Clarification

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