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Privately Funded Interchange Development Process

The Arizona Department of Transportation has established a handbook for the private development community as a uniform protocol for requesting new traffic interchanges (TI) or modifications to existing interchanges. The policy requires that private entities proposing the change adequately assess and mitigate impacts of their development on the state highway transportation system. Applicants shall be required to conduct the appropriate level of technical and environmental analysis/studies, public outreach, community involvement and government relations as determined by ADOT.

The objective of this policy is to manage access, ensure responsible long-term planning, ensure optimal operations given future traffic conditions, and reduce the possibility of future failure and required retrofit, as well as associated expenditures of ADOT-owned transportation facilities.

Your first step should be contacting the district engineer relevant to your request. District engineers and contact information are available on the District Map and on the District Contacts section of the website.

Privately Funded Interchange Development Process Handbook

The Privately Funded Interchange Development Process Requirements Handbook provides the instructions you will need to complete the process, as well as ADOT contact information and requirements by section.

Required Privately Funded TI Forms

We look forward to building partnerships, fostering multiagency collaborations and strengthening relationships between ADOT, developers and the community. This process is an example of agency-level implementation of the Growth and Infrastructure Initiative started by Governor Janet Napolitano, which requires developers and other relevant entities to evaluate impacts of development on the state system early in the planning process.

ADOT Sections and Programs Included in the Interchange Development Process