Project Management Services

Regional Freeway System Project Management

Compile, analyze and integrate the Life Cycle Program Revenue Forecast and Cost Estimates for the Regional Freeway System into a Certification report each year in January and July that clearly presents information on the status of the Regional Freeway Program. Organize and file information and data related to the Regional Freeway System so that it is readily available in a comprehensive form and can be easily disseminated. Work cooperatively with our customers, including the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), the Legislature, local jurisdictions, other ADOT sections and interested parties concerning the Regional Freeway Program and State Highway Program in the MAG Region. Provide support to ADOT staff and other stakeholders by planning, scheduling, organizing and conducting monthly meetings on the status of Regional Freeway Projects, issues and programming concerns.

Provide administrative support to the Citizens Transportation Oversight Committee (CTOC). This includes planning, scheduling and organizing meetings for presentation of information to CTOC, receiving public comment about Regional Transportation issues including Freeways, Arterial Streets, Transit and Light Rail and communicating positions established by CTOC to the State Transportation Board, the Legislature, the Governor's Office and MAG Regional Council. We also assist in preparation of the CTOC Annual Report including a summary of CTOC activities, issues heard, concerns and recommendations over the past year.