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Accident Reporting Procedure

Even the most careful driver may at some time be involved in an auto accident. Knowledge of what to do after the accident can make the experience a little less frightening and decrease the chance of unnecessary complications.

  • Stop the vehicle at once, check for injuries, offer assistance to any injured parties and call 911. If no 911 service is available, refer to list of DPS phone numbers.
  • For further assistance or questions, call the ADOT Equipment Services Hotline at 877.800.8520.
  • If there are no serious physical injuries or fatalities and the vehicle is safely moveable, remove the vehicle from the main traveled portion of the roadway onto the shoulder, emergency lane, median or other safe refuge.
  • Reduce hazards to other motorists by placing flags, cones, etc. (Mark the area to warn oncoming motorist.)
  • Notify your supervisor and/or fleet manager. Your supervisor will notify the appropriate fleet manager.
    • ADOT: Your supervior
    • ADOA: 602.542.3118
    • ADES: 602.771.3333 Option 1
    • ADOC: 602.364.3374
    • DPS: Your supervisor
    • Game and Fish: 623.236.7456
  • Fill out an accident report.
  • Do not comment on who was at fault, argue with other drivers or law-enforcement officers, or discuss the accident with anyone except law-enforcement authorities or representatives of State Risk Management

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