Preparing to Bid - Guide to Bidding on ADOT Projects

Goods and Services Contracts

Tips and Other Information

This tab provides tips and other information that may be helpful to those bidding on good and services contracts managed by Procurement.

Tips for Successful Bidding

Because such a wide range of products and services are obtained through ProcureAZ, it is difficult to provide any single process for successful bidding. Nevertheless, here are some tips that may help:

  • Read the solicitation in its entirety and follow all instructions.
  • Submit any questions to the Procurement Officer as outlined in the solicitation.
  • Read the ProcureAZ Vendor FAQ on the ProcureAZ Resources for Vendors page. 
  • Attend pre-bid meetings when conducted as part of the solicitation.
  • Read and acknowledge any solicitation amendments.
  • Attend site visits when conducted as part of  the solicitation. Respond to the solicitation in Procure AZ. 
  • Sign and return all attachments.
  • Disclose any debarment or suspension – state agencies verify via the (SAM) website before any contract award is made.
  • Review videos and guides as needed from Vendor Resource page on the State Procurement Office website.

Solicitations with Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Requirements

Solicitations for projects that receive certain federal funds contain DBE requirements. The particular requirements will be included in the solicitation. Further information regarding DBE requirements may be found when working as:


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