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Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Federal regulations require all states to have a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) that provides a comprehensive framework for reducing fatalities and serious injuries on public roadways. The state's Department of Transportation leads development of its SHSP in cooperation with local, state, federal and other safety stakeholders. Under the completed SHSP, all highway safety programs in the state can leverage resources and work together to address transportation safety issues.

In August 2014, the Arizona SHSP Executive Committee approved the Arizona 2014 Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The current plan has been developed in consultation with a broad array of transportation safety stakeholders through the state representing the each of the 4 E’s of safety: Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services. The plan and its current supporting appendices are available for download:


Arizona 2014 SHSP (54.5 MB) optimized version (9.6 MB)

Arizona 2014 SHSP By Section

Appendix A: Arizona SHSP Leadership (1.6 MB)

Appendix B: Detailed Emphasis Area Document (22.2 MB)

Appendix C: Crash Characteristic Data Map Book (23.7 MB)

AZSHSP Commitment Form

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