Historic Roads

List of Historic Roads

Kingman District

Historic Route 66

Roadway: State Route 66
Length: 67 miles
Begins: Kingman (MP 56.67)
Ends: Seligman (MP 123.17)

State Route 68
Bullhead City to Kingman Highway

Roadway: State Route 68
Length: 27 miles
Begins: Bullhead City, Junction 95 (MP 0)
Ends: Near Kingman, Junction 93 (MP 27.07)

State Route 89
Wickenburg to Prescott to Ash Fork Highway

Roadway: State Route 89
Length: 106 miles
Begins: West of Wickenburg (MP 258.23)
Ends: Ashfork, at the Junction of I-40 / Old Route 66 (MP 363.84)

U.S. Route 89
Flagstaff to Cameron to Bitter Springs Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 89
Length: 106 miles
Begins: Junction US 66 (MP 418.37)
Ends: Bitter Springs (MP 524.07)

U.S. Route 93
Kingman to Wickenburg Highway and Hoover Dam to Kingman Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 93
Length: 174 miles
Begins: From 6 miles north of Wickenburg on US 89 (MP 91.2)
Ends: Boulder Dam (MP )

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