Historic Roads

List of Historic Roads

Globe District

State Route 61
Ortega Lake to St. Johns Highway and Witch Well to Zuni Highway

Roadway: State Route 61
Length: 43 miles
Begins: Ortega Junction (MP 352.88)
Ends: Arizona-New Mexico state line (MP 430.26)

State Route 73
Carrizo to Whiteriver to Indian Pines

Roadway: State Route 73
Length: 47 miles
Begins: Gila-Navajo county line (MP 310.38)
Ends: McNary (MP 357.72)

State Route 77
Tucson to Oracle Junction to Globe Highway and Show Low to Holbrook

Roadway: State Route 77
Length: 148 miles
Begins: Oracle Junction (MP 68.1)
Ends: Holbrook (MP 388.67)

State Route 88
Apache Trail Historic Road

Roadway: State Route 88
Length: 49 miles
Begins: Apache Junction via Roosevelt (MP 193.9)
Ends: Junction US 60 near Globe (MP 242.66)

Winkelman to Superior

Roadway: State Route 177
Length: 31 miles
Begins: Winkelman (MP 136.31)
Ends: Superior (MP 167.61)

State Route 260
Payson to Show Low Highway and Show Low to McNary to Eager

Roadway: State Route 260
Length: 93 miles
Begins: Heber (MP 305.67)
Ends: Eager (Old SR 73) (MP 398.67)

U.S. Route 60
Quartzite to Wickenburg to Phoenix to Globe to Show Low to Springerville

Roadway: U.S. Route 60
Length: 371 miles
Begins: Near Quartzite at I-10 intersection (MP 31.26)
Ends: At the Arizona-New Mexico state line, near Springerville (MP 401.97)

U.S. Route 70
Globe to Lordsburg Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 70
Length: 133 miles
Begins: Near Globe at the junction of US 60 and SR 77 (MP 252.14)
Ends: Arizona-New Mexico state line, east of Duncan and Franklin (MP 385.25)

U.S. Route 180
Holbrook to Springerville to Alpine to State Line Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 180
Length: 120 miles
Begins: Holbrook (MP 307.3)
Ends: Arizona-New Mexico state line (MP 433.26)

Hunt to Concho Highway

Roadway: U.S. Route 180A
Length: 11 miles
Begins: Hunt and Junction of US 180 (MP 343.1)
Ends: Concho and Junction of SR 61 (MP 354.27)

U.S. Route 191
Douglas to Wilcox to Safford o Springerville to Sanders

Roadway: U.S. Route 191
Length: 259 miles
Begins: Douglas (MP 0)
Ends: Sanders (MP 368.47)

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