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Other Statistics and Information

Traffic Statistics
Arizona Department of Transportation
Transportation Planning Division, Data Section
Contact: Mark Catchpole
Phone: 602-712-8596
Fax: 602-252-8313

Population Statistics

This link is to the Arizona Department of Commerce, Welcome to Arizona Workforce Informer.

Out-of-State Driver Licenses Surrendered

This link shows the count and origin of out-of-state driver licenses surrendered to Arizona.

Boats and Watercraft
MVD titles and registers boat trailers. However, the registration of boats and other watercraft, as well as any associated statistical information, is handled through the Arizona Department of Game and Fish.

Arizona Department of Game & Fish
2221 W. Greenway Road
Phoenix, AZ 85023-4399
Phone: 602-942-3000

Mailing Lists (not provided at this time)

Gas Gallons Sold

This link shows the amount of gasoline gallons sold county-by-county as reported by suppliers. Counts are subject to change for up to 24 months, due to amended reports and audits of fuel suppliers.

Diesel Gallons Consumed

This link provides estimates of use fuel (diesel) consumed county-by-county.

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