FMS provides comprehensive professional financial planning, training and business support services to the State Transportation Board (STB), ADOT and its stakeholders. FMS works with ADOT divisions, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Arizona’s Councils of Government (COGs), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and many others to provide the financial capacity needed to build, support and maintain the State’s roadway system.

This section of ADOT’s web site contains:

Information for Investors  - provides certain general and financial information about ADOT and certain of its programs, as well as information about outstanding bonds, notes or other obligations of the State Transportation Board (STB) and ADOT.

Information for Researchers, Regional Planning Organizations, Communities and others – provides financial information and data regarding:

    • Highway User Revenue Fund
    • Regional Area Road Fund
    • Vehicle license taxes
    • Federal Aid Highway Program
    • Highway Extension and Expansion Program
    • Various agency and fund financial audits and reports