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Traffic Engineering Operations

2104 South 22nd Avenue
ADOT Mail Drop 013R
Arizona 85009-6987

The Traffic Operations Section provides a variety of services, including:

  • Providing technical expertise and maintenance for electrical equipment on highways and freeways
  • Developing and administering the design and implementation of new traffic signal coordination systems
  • Partnering with local agencies in the planning, development, and implementation of signal progression systems
  • Establishing guidelines for signal system prioritization
  • Disseminating current technology on traffic signal operations and coordination to the regional traffic offices
  • Paying electrical costs for the operation of signals, lighting and related equipment
  • Partnering with the Construction Group, other agencies and contractors by providing a timely source of quality traffic products and communications equipment statewide
  • Fabricating freeway and highway signs
  • Maintaining all roadway striping and signing for all freeways
  • Providing support to the four Regional Traffic groups on all highways
  • Assisting in research and development of traffic control device specifications
  • Providing technical expertise to develop and evaluate contracts for traffic control devices
  • Responding to emergency situations statewide
  • Responding to risk management requests and situations

We operate in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) as modified by the Arizona MUTCD Supplement, the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.), the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) and ADOT's own policies, guidelines and procedures (PGP).

Organizational Work Groups and their responsibilities are as follows:

Org 9660: Section Manager and State Traffic Operations EngineerRaul G. Amavisca, PE (Acting)

  • Raul G. Amavisca, PE, manages Orgs 9673, 9676, and 9679. He directs and monitors daily budgetary and operational functions of both signing orgs and the Statewide Striping org, and reviews signing projects statewide.
    • Org 9673: Sign FactoryWilliam "Marvin" Phillips, Supervisor. Designs, manufactures, packages and issues highway signs for State Highway System. Meets special signing needs for ADOT and other state agencies. Administers Sign Fabrication Order database. Manufactures and repairs equipment.
    • Org 9676: Interstate SigningDudley F. Heller, Supervisor. Manufactures, erects, repairs and maintains large highway signs and other structures used in the State Highway System. Responds to signing and structural requests throughout the State that require expertise with signing structures and heavy equipment.
    • Org 9679: Statewide StripingMohamed Elomeri, Statewide Striping Engineer, Jack E. Hays, Supervisor. Stripes roadway and installs marking materials on State highways and freeways. Crews are stationed in Phoenix, Tucson and Holbrook.
  • Ann Phillips, PE, is the engineer responsible for signal coordination with local jurisdictions. She maintains communications and records regarding signal coordination with localities with signals adjacent to the State system in order to improve progression and capacity.
  • Mohamed Youssef, PE, PTOE, manages Orgs 9666, 9669, and 9670. He is the Statewide Signal and Lighting Engineer, and reviews signal and lighting projects and permits for Traffic Operations. In addition, he provides technical expertise and advisory capacity on policy and technical issues for Traffic Group.
    • Org 9666: Traffic SignalsJay Werne, Supervisor. Assembles, programs, tests and repair traffic signal controllers (cabinets) and auxiliary equipment; ensures appropriate timing intervals and phasing configurations; initiates new signal activation; and maintains statewide signal timing database. The manager additionally acts as the liaison between Department’s Risk Management Section and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office regarding traffic signal legal issues
    • Org 9669: Traffic Supply ServicesGlenn Mara, Manager. This includes the Traffic Operations Warehouse that purchases, inventories and issues highway traffic products (signals, lighting, paint and signs) and communications equipment for statewide distribution, and partners with the Construction Group and other agencies and contractors.
    • Org 9670: Administration – Analyzes, verifies, monitors and pays signal and lighting utilities. Maintains statewide inventory of Maintenance Units, features, devices, and as-built plans for highway electrical systems. Administers the section Maintenance Performance Control System (PeCos).

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