Group Management

The Transportation Technology Group (TTG) is located within ADOT’s Intermodal Transportation Division.  This Division is responsible for the overall design, construction, operations, and maintenance of the state highway system.  TTG is responsible for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) within ADOT.  These systems provide the tools to support and manage the complicated highway system within Arizona.

The Assistant State Engineer (ASE) for Transportation Technology is responsible for managing the overall activities of TTG and reports to the Deputy State Engineer for Operations.  The ASE is responsible for overseeing all technical and administrative functions.  He or she is the ITS Coordinator for the state.

The core of this Group is a dedicated staff of engineers, technicians, operators, information technology specialists, and administrative personnel.  These employees work in one of the most technologically challenging areas of ADOT and are highly trained and skilled professionals.  Employees have the opportunity to work on some of the latest and greatest technologies in the field of transportation.

Employees require ongoing training and professional development in order to stay current with the latest technology and practices.  Many of these employees are required to have professional registration or certification within their respective fields.  All employees are required to complete at least 32 hours of training per year; this training is a combination of technical, supervisory, and personnel development.