Southeast Projects

U.S. Route 191B Chino Road Extension in Douglas

The Arizona Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and city of Douglas are in the final design phase of a project that will connect the proposed port of entry (POE) expansion to the existing Chino Road. This project is one of two projects in the Douglas area that will help improve traffic flow, provide safe and efficient transportation for regional purposes and remove international traffic, especially heavy commercial trucks, from US 191B. The second project is the US 191B Realignment Study, whose boundaries include the Chino Road extension project area.

The Chino Road extension will lengthen Chino Road in Douglas by slightly more than a quarter mile south from where it currently ends at Fifth Street to connect with the future expansion of the POE, approximately 450 feet north of the international border. The extension of Chino Road is a federally funded project that will result in a locally owned and operated street.