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State Route 79 and 79B Intersection Improvement Project


In cooperation with the town of Florence, the Arizona Department of Transportation is evaluating the intersection of SR 79 and 79B in Florence to recommend upgrades, improvements or both.

In an effort to enhance safety and improve traffic flow at the SR 79 and 79B intersection in Florence, ADOT closed the northbound connection of the intersection in February 2013.

Drivers can continue north on SR 79 into Florence, where they can make a left at Butte Avenue / State Route 287 and continue to Main Street and downtown Florence or south to SR 287.

Since 2010, ADOT and the town of Florence have been studying various alternatives to improve both the safety and movement of vehicles through this intersection. Evaluation of the alternatives will continue, and construction of a new intersection is anticipated to take place as early as 2016.


In the summer of 2010, the project team presented information to the town of Florence at a July Town Council meeting. The team then mailed a survey with a detachable postage-prepaid comment card to approximately 1,100 people living near the intersection of SR 79 and 79B.

Seventy-two completed surveys were returned. The project team analyzed the survey data and included it in a summary report. A wide range of received comments identified concerns for safety needs at the intersection. Seventy-six percent (76 percent) of the respondents expressed their concerns for safety at the current condition of the intersection, and most agreed the intersection should be improved.

ADOT and the town of Florence are now evaluating the possibility of eliminating the traffic crossing at the SR 79 and 79B intersection altogether and rerouting traffic to Florence Heights Drive. A two-week traffic study that will temporarily close the intersection is scheduled Feb. 1 through 15, 2012. See the area map for more details.

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