South Central Projects

Interstate 19: San Xavier Road to Interstate 10 Design Concept Report and Environmental Assessment

ADOT, in association with the Federal Highway Association, evaluated improvements to I-19 to alleviate congestion and increase capacity within the corridor. The purpose of this project was to evaluate long-term improvements (2030) to I-19 between San Xavier Road and the I-10 / I-19 traffic interchange.

ADOT and FHWA has evaluated the need for construction of the ultimate or long-term improvements and identified those improvements in the Final Design Concept Report, to meet the needs of the traveling public.

I-19 Corridor Study: Interstate 10 to Pima / Santa Cruz County Line

ADOT completed a study in 2003 to identify transportation needs for the corridor through the year 2030. The study recommended long-term improvements through the year 2030 including additional lanes, auxiliary lanes and frontage roads in each direction of travel from San Xavier Road to I-10 with preferred short- and mid-term improvements, including additional interim travel lanes.

I-19 Project Assessment: San Xavier Road to Ajo Way

ADOT completed a Project Assessment (PA) in 2003. The purpose of the PA was to evaluate the feasibility of increasing the capacity of I-19.

I-10 / I-19 Traffic Interchange

Construction of the traffic interchange was completed in 2004.

I-19 Design Concept Report: San Xavier Road to I-10

ADOT completed the Design Concept Report (DCR) in spring 2012. The report is available below.

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