South Central Projects

Interstate 10: Ruthrauff Road Traffic Interchange Final Design

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to prepare all the final design documentation necessary to fully reconstruct the Ruthrauff Road traffic interchange in accordance with the I-10, Ina Road TI to Ruthrauff Road TI Project documentation.

Ruthrauff Road is currently at-grade and I-10 goes over it. This project will lower I-10 to ground level and raise Ruthrauff Road over I-10 and will have four lanes in each direction (ultimate being five lanes) separated by a median barrier. Ruthrauff Road will be two lanes in each direction. Frontage roads and ramps will be reconstructed to meet the new profiles on I-10 and Ruthrauff Road. There are three bridges on Ruthrauff Road that that go over Davis Avenue / Highway Drive, Union Pacific Railroad and I-10. Local streets will be reconstructed to maintain access to the businesses during construction. This project is currently scheduled to be constructed in 2018 and is partially funded by the RTA.

Project Timeline

View the Ruthrauff TI map.

Review the I-10: Ina Road to Ruthrauff Road Final Design Concept Report.

Note: The Design Concept Report is an early study of the area, and changes in funding and scheduling have already occurred and are expected to continue throughout the design process.

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