Phoenix Metro Area Projects

Interstate 10 Improvement Projects

I-10 and Perryville Road Interchange Project

Preferred Alternative

The process of developing alternatives for the Perryville Road TI began by considering the interchange templates from the freeway-to-parkway study. A standard diamond interchange connecting to an arterial facility was also considered as an interim interchange concept. For comparison purposes and to fulfill the requirements of the environmental clearance process, the no-build alternative was considered throughout the evaluation.

A multidisciplinary set of criteria were used to evaluate the interchange alternatives. Each alternative was evaluated for these components:

  • Traffic operations
  • Signing and pavement marking
  • Signalization
  • Lighting
  • Pedestrian and bicycle travel
  • Vehicle circulation
  • Drainage
  • Utility impacts
  • Right-of-way and access control
  • Structures
  • Constructability
  • Ease of future expansion
  • Environmental impacts
  • Cost

Funding programmed for the design, acquiring right-of-way and the construction of the proposed TI is $21.1 million. The preliminary cost estimate for the interim standard diamond interchange comes closest to that estimate and is nearly $5 million less that the least costly parkway alternative.