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Specifications for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

Update on MSE Evaluation Process (Nov. 18, 2013):

ADOT Materials Group has implemented a Policy and Procedures Directive No. 24, "Requirements for the Approval of MSE Wall Systems" (effective Aug. 30, 2013), which is published in the ADOT Materials Policy and Procedure Directives (PPD) Manual. A copy of the current Special Provisions for MSE Walls is also available for download.

If your application has been placed on-hold for evaluation, contact J.J. Liu at [email protected] for the most recent "Approval Package" application for MSE Wall Systems. If your product has been assigned a product identification (ID) number, then make sure to refer to that number in any correspondence with ADOT including the subject line of emails as well as the "Approval Package" application.

Shown below are references to ADOT specifications for MSE wall products that ADOT has reviewed and added to ADOT's APL.

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