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Planning Assistance for Rural Areas (PARA) Program

The Planning Assistance for Rural Areas (PARA) program is sponsored by the Arizona Department of Transportation Multimodal Planning Division (MPD) and provides federal funds to assist tribal governments and counties, cities and towns located outside Transportation Management Area (TMA) planning boundaries with multimodal transportation planning needs.

PARA funds are limited to planning and preliminary scoping (Pre-scoping) activities and may not be used for the design or construction of transportation facilities. PARA funds may be applied to address a broad range of planning and pre-scoping issues related to roadway and nonmotorized transportation modes. Funds may also be applied to studies dedicated solely to the planning of public transportation services.

Partnerships between communities are encouraged. PARA funds may be used for planning studies that address the needs of multiple jurisdictions, as well as for needs that are limited to neighborhoods within jurisdictions. Applicants are encouraged to focus their requests for funding on the most critical transportation planning needs identified in their communities.

General Program Information
Planning Studies Application

Transportation Planning Studies include a variety of topics, which may include (but not limited to): Long Range Transportation Plans, Regional Transportation Plans, Transportation Master Plans, Corridor Location Studies, Corridor Master Plans, Access Management Plans, Pavement Assessment Plans, Feasibility Studies, Transit Plans, Bike & Pedestrian Plans, Trail Plans, and others.

Due to funding restrictions, no Planning Study Applications will be accepted for Fiscal year (FY) 2017.

Pre-Scoping Application
“Pre-Scoping” refers to a process where ADOT will assist an LPA or Tribal Government to develop a realistic scope of work, schedule, and budget for a simple transportation project. Pre-Scoping helps to reduce scope changes and rework during the design phase and improves overall project success.

Please read the FY 2017 PARA Pre-Scoping Application Instructions and review the Pre-Scoping process (described in the below application) to determine if your project is eligible before submitting your application.

Current Studies

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Completed Planning Studies

Final Reports from completed Planning Studies are available in the ADOT Library.

Completed Pre-Scoping Reports
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